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I spent some time chatting with a shemale fucking friend of mine on the telephone last week and he was giving me all the details about this new girl he’s been nailing. Her name is Emma and they met while he was vacationing in Asia. He tells me all about how she loves bending over her dresser and getting reamed in the butt by a giant rod. Speaking of which, she’s got quite a monster herself. My buddy even gave me some shots of her, and for real, I don’t get how he can stay away from this babe long enough to do anything with his life!


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My heart skipped a beat when I met this gorgeous brunette shemale chick out at a Def Leppard concert. She was incredibly excited about stripping for us when she began slowly peeling off her top. Rubbing her perfect erect nipples and massaging her perky titties, this naughty hottie couldn’t have been hotter. Her firm juicy butt swayed back and forth as she removed her panties to expose her hard shemale dick. This crazy hot shemale is quickly saved into my memory for all time.


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I asked this incredible ebony shemale back to my house after work, and she was dying to make certain I knew exactly how hot she really is. She squeezed her bouncy titties as she posed on the couch, slowly removing her teasing outfit. I came like crazy watching her stiff shemale dick jump as I pounded her hard. I couldn’t think straight for a week after fucking this freaky shemale.


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So I was chatting with a buddy of mine yesterday and she was spilling her guts to me about the drama she’s dealing with. I’ve known Jessica for a long time now, enough to know that even though she’s super cute, she doesn’t have much luck with dating. The guy she’s with now wants her to get bigger implants, but she and I both think her boobs are lovely just how they are. Her cock is massive as well. This dumb ass must be crazy to not want to fuck this shemale. I know Jessica will get someone new before long!


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When this bangin’ black shemale said she would pose nude for me, I figured I betterget things in motion before she had second thoughts. Her perky tits and sweet nips would convert any man to a tranny fan! I know you will drool over her slender stems and award-worthy booty. Just looking at this nympho’s ebony shemale dick was enough to make me cream myself. I sport a chubby for hours every time I visit Black T-Girls.

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Do you even remember the last time you came across a girl with a body like this? Katrina is an incredible brown haired shemale who adores the cock. It’s just too bad there’s none around tonight! Oh well, she’ll just have to make due by herself. She sits up on the bathroom sink and gets naked, showing off her perfect body. Her booty is lovely and her boobs are small, but perky. Soon, she moves into the bedroom and strokes her giant rod really slowly so you can get a good view. Man, Katrina|this girl is so sexy she just might melt your screen!|your screen


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Another complete stunner from Pattaya, Alize drove up to Bangkok with her friend Tina and Panzer (thanks for setting up this model too P-dog!) and stayed a few nights at the LBC studio with us. We had a good time… and a day or 2 later actually got around to snapping some shots. As you can see, Alize is just born to model, and just has a look that will make weak in the knees!

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If you would see her walking down the street, you’d be walking miles behind her.   Gazing at her keister swaying from side to side on her stiletto heels, mambos bouncing and hair slurping with the wind – you’d be tugging at your jewels right there – in full view of the public.   This shemale is SIZZLING!   Look into her bedroom eyes and you’re a goner – you’d probably pop right then and there!   That’s how  David felt as he laid his eyes on  dishy Tayssa Tally.   Her feminine allure just made her even more irresistable – lucky for him, this hot chick with dick  was all his.   Fishnet stockings, pink trimmed bustier, a hunger for rod and her eager and willing lip and posterior!   To put the icing on the rolling in the hay the cock (or so to speak ;) ) she still had a functioning, hard and long hard on too. Tayssa bounced off his weenie long and hard and he gave her all the attention chick with dick corking she  needed.

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Y’all won’t comprehend how rough this nasty Latina shemale is able to pound booty. Her guy, Claudio sure believes it, but then again, he’s the one cramming her huge shemale dick deep in his willing butt. Her name is Alana Ribiero and she likes sucking off this one. Just look at the way he sucks on her amazing tits while she drills his booty and you’ll understand why. Dude, it doesn’t take long until this couple has drilled every one of each other’s openings stupid and end up coated in sweat and spooge.


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